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Little Blessings

Babies grow up so fast and with each passing year every change and look is remarkable. At Ananchel Fine Art Photography, we believe that families should capture the wonder and innocence of childhood through storytelling portraiture.

New Life

Newborn sessions are best when done within the first 2 weeks of life. Sessions are done for the most part without clothing on the babies. For a newborn session you should allow for 2 hours, in order to allow time for feedings, changings, sleeping and of course a little loving. Some of the most precious memories are captured when they have full tummies and are sleeping. **Please Note: Newborn sessions are not included in our Baby Plan.**

Stepping Stones Baby Plan $145

Includes 3 month, 6 month, 9 month & first birthday sessions. Cake & balloons are provided for first birthday session. No session fees and discount pricing for each included session.

Please note: It is your responsibility to schedule and use the baby plan sessions. These sessions cannot be transferred or substituted for any other session, product or service.

Stepping Stones Baby Plan

We developed our Stepping Stones Baby Plan as a way to provide parents an affordable opportunity to record their child's first year. Our Baby Plan includes 4 sessions and offers custom packages and a reduced price list from our regular portrait pricing. Whether capturing the wonder of your baby or innonence of your child blooming as they grow in their first year we promise to give you and your child an experience that exceeds your expectations.

Your portrait session with your little one can be a fun and memorable experience with a few pointers.

~Before your session, be sure to give your little one a bath and use some baby lotion to keep their skin soft and glowing.

~Be sure to pack your diaper bag with all the essentials...formula, diapers and toys. We have baby items too so don't stress if you forget something.

3 months ~

Your baby at 3 months can recognize you

Can also recognize your scent

Will have a higher IQ and sense of vocabulary if you begin talking to him or her now

Is getting better hand-eye coordination by the day

May imitate your facial expressions

~Your baby will be pushing up for this session. At this session we can include nudy, formal and casual. We have several props and backgrounds to use.

6 months ~

Your baby at 6 months will be eating finger foods

Be able to support weight with a little help

Could be crawling

Might develop seperation anxiety

Responds to sounds

Loves to play with his or her hands and feet

~Your baby will be sitting and doing lots of smiling for this session. At this session we can include Feel free to bring in a sentiment like your child's favorite toy or outfit. Try to relax and enjoy your session. Be sure to bring in a binkie and blanket to comfort your little one between shots.

9 months ~

Your baby at 9 months is developing a more sophisticated short and long term memory

Babbling away

Personality is emerging

Might be standing and pulling up on furniture

First steps are just around the corner...

~As your child becomes more mobile we try to caption them in action- this session is all about sitting, holding onto things and moving. This is a great session to use for your little one's first birthday invitations, so plan ahead and get a great custom invitation for your Big Bash! We have plenty of styles to choose from.

12 months ~

Your baby at 12 months might be walking

Has plenty of teeth to brush

Begins speaking!

Is more social

Is officially a toddler!

Imitates others' activities and shows wants with gestures

Plays pat-a-cake and peek a boo!

~This is your final session in the Stepping Stones Baby Plan. At this session we include formal, casual and Birthday Cake Bash complete with balloons! Let us know in advance if you'd like to do the Birthday Cake Bash so we can prepare for a little extra MESS!