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Tips & Policies

Here are some tips, rules and guidelines to help you prepare for a successful portrait session.

All sessions require an appointment. Call us at 770-831-0078 to schedule your appointment.

During the scheduling consultation we will discuss the goal of the session, the participants, the wardrobe and

the desired location or background. You will be required to pay for your session at this time.

Arrive on time.

Here's a rule that we never thought we would have to explain: You may not use your own cameras (including video and camera phones) during your session. We work very hard to create beautiful sets, poses and images. This is what we do and how we make our living. We cannot allow others to take their own images during our sessions.

Do not schedule your appointment during nap times. Younger children are much happier in the mornings, before nap time.

All of our studio prints include standard retouching. There may be additional charges for changing or removing nail polish, changing clothing colors, etc. Plan accordingly.