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High School Senior Portraits

Senior Portrait Sessions by Ananchel

It's that time, so let's schedule your senior portrait session.


Session Types:

  • Basic  |  $40  |  Formal drape or tux & one additional outfit |  Up to 2 backgrounds  |  Indoor at the studio only   
  • Exclusive  |  $95  |  Formal drape or tux & up to four additional outfits  |  Up to 4 backgrounds  |  Indoor & outdoor at the studio
  • ADD A LOCATION  |  $25 per location  |  Add another location to one of the sessions above.  We'll spend about 30 minutes at each location.


Tips for a Successful Senior Session

  • Be Prepared: Call or visit the Ananchel studio to discuss your upcoming session.  This will allow us to coordinate your personality and clothing choices with our set or location.
  • Choose the Proper Session Type.  Some products require specific session types.
  • Clean Up: Shave; remove or touch up nail polish; wash off dirt, paint and temporary tattoos; brush & floss your teeth, clean your glasses, etc.
  • Guys:  Bring a clean white t-shirt for your tux portrait.
  • Girls:  Bring a strapless bra to wear for the formal drape portrait.
  • Arrive 10-15 Minutes Early: This will give you time to take a breath and cool down before the action begins.
  • Avoid Drastic Appearance Changes: Don’t get a drastic haircut or tan (hopefully not a sunburn) right before your session.
  • Wear Your Normal Makeup: A touch of foundation will smooth your skin tones and make them even. Mascara will make your eyes stand out, but avoid too much dark eyeliner. Avoid lip gloss and glitter; the bright reflections do not look good in photos.
  • Breakouts happen to everyone! Don’t worry about it. Ananchel offers free blemish removal.
  • Avoid too much sun. Severe tan lines and sunburn will require additional retouching fees.
  • Iron & hang your clothes before you arrive.
  • Bring personal items that show who you are. Sports equipment & uniforms, medals, pets, instruments, trophies, books, artwork & supplies, shopping bags, outdoor equipment, or car (for certain sessions).
  • Bring extra clothes. An outfit might spark some creative ideas for your session.


Rules & Guidelines

  • Personal photography and video taping, including that of cell phones, is prohibited during the portrait sessions.
  • All of our artwork is protected by US and international copyright law.  It is illegal to copy our prints in any way.  Please let us know if there is anything you need and we will do our best to accommodate you.
  • Your session fee is a creation fee and is not a deposit.  The session fee is due when you schedule your session and is non-refundable.  We will reschedule your appointment if an emergency arises.  A $50 rescheduling fee weill be required for anyone who has missed two appointments.
  • Please bring all of the decision-makers to your sales appointment.
  • Know where you plan to hang the prints in your home and measure the space so that we can provide the perfect product.  Make a list of gifts you need for friends and family.